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    Post by Gianna S. on Mon 25 May 2009, 1:16 pm

    The Very Best Of: The Backstreet Boys

    Posted on May 24th, 2009 at 5:58 pm

    by Jamie and Emily
    [Article]"The Very Best Of: The Backstreet Boys" Bsb

    This list is the start of a new feature here where we look at all the songs
    of an artist we can get our hands on and pick which ones are the best.
    We didnít have set criteria or a set definition of what best
    meant but just what songs stood out to us. We chose the Backstreet Boys
    as the first artist due to both of our loves for the music and in hopes
    to share with those that are not fans, the songs that they should give
    a listen if they want to hear the best the Backstreet Boys have to
    It should be mentioned that this project took weeks for us to do as
    it was difficult to get both of us to agree on which songs should be on
    here. In the end, compromise was the only thing that made it possible.
    At one point, there were two songs that we just couldnít agree on.
    Emily had songs that she liked that Jamie didnít and vice versa. The
    result was a compromise where both made it on here. It was the only way
    we were going to finish the list!
    Now, without further ado, we present: The Very Best Of the Backstreet Boys in no particular order other than random.

    Emily: I admit the opening chords to this song suck me in
    immediately. The piano sounds so sincere almost. I donít think there is
    anyone in the world who cannot relate to the lyrics to this song. If
    you donít, youíre not human.Found On: Unbreakable

    If You Knew What I Knew
    Jamie: From the very beginning of this song, I am drawn in.
    AJís voice might sound as perfect as Iíve ever heard it. Unlike some of
    their songs, these lyrics are simple but not cheesy. Itís a song that a
    lot of people can relate to at some point in their lives. This song was
    actually my theme song for a few years. Itís just a great sad, love
    song.Found On: Larger than Life Single

    Donít Wanna Lose You Now
    Emily: This song tugs at my heartstrings. Nickís voice is so vulnerable. I learned how to sing harmony from this song.Found On: Millennium

    Treat Me Right
    Jamie: This song starts out in a way that wouldnít make you
    think: This is a Backstreet Boys song. Or that it was co-written by
    J.C. Chasez (NíSync). I was a little unsure of this song at first
    because it was so different. But I can say now, that this song, hands
    down, is one of my favorites, which is obviously why I think it
    deserves to be on this list. I think this song should have been a
    single because it might have turned some people on to the Backstreet
    Boys or brought some fans back. Right around the 2 minute market, the
    song changes drastically and does something pretty clever.Found On: Unbreakable

    Weird World
    Emily: The message in this song was perfect for the time it
    appeared, 2005. The upbeat melody lightens the tone immensely, making
    it enjoyable without digging for a deeper meaning.Found On: Never Gone

    Who Do You Love
    Jamie: Iím going to admit right away that this might very
    well be my favorite Backstreet song. However, Iím having trouble
    explaining why that is so. The music in the background is really
    gorgeous and vocals start out so soft and tender. Very slow. Itís
    actually a really simple song but the vocals on it are just perfect.
    Brianís voice is my favorite part. He has such control over his voice
    that they are usually spot on live but just perfect on this song. The
    harmonies? Swoonworthy.Found On: A Night Out With the Backstreet Boys (Video)

    How Did I Fall In Love With You
    Emily: Howie sings against a backdrop of harmonies and piano chords. The end.Found On: Black & Blue

    The Answer To Our Life
    Jamie: Admittedly, this is partly a favorite because the
    guys wrote it together but besides that, it is actually a song that
    digs a bit deeper than a lot of their songs. There is a lot of group
    harmony, which is where I think they are at their best. Theyíve always
    said they are not a boy band, but a vocal harmony group, and I think
    this song showcases that.Found On: Black & Blue

    Like a Child
    Emily: When this first came out, or when I first heard it,
    it was one of the more mature songs they had put out. Their vocals are
    spot on and compliment the piano accompaniment perfectly.Found On: Backstreetís Back

    If I Donít Have You
    Jamie: Sadly, I had to buy an import CD to get this song.
    The melody is very unique - it kind of bounces along. There are some
    cheesy parts to the song - some of the lyrics and the deep talking in
    the background (looking at you, Kevin) but itís easy to get over
    because the rest of the song? Gorgeous.Found On: Backstreetís Back

    I StillÖ
    Emily: The melody gets me on this song. Kevinís part on the
    bridge isnít so bad either. The opening instrument on the song is a bit
    unexpected and gives the song the extra kick it needed to make it a cut
    above.Found On: Never Gone

    Divine Intervention
    Jamie: I have no idea where this song came from (and I
    tried to do research) but instead of a typical love song, itís a song
    about the world. Unfortunately, the lyrics still ring true today. Just
    a sad, depressing look at the world we live in but thankfully, itís
    easy on the ears. This song was actually one of my proudest moments as
    a BSB fan. Not sure that I can fully express why.Found On: N/A

    Emily: Not sure why Iím so attached to this song. I think
    itís because the very first time I heard it, it was LIVE and it was
    fabulous. The rasp in Nickís voice on the chorus sends chills down my
    spine. No joke.Found On: Never Gone

    What Makes You Different (Makes You Beautiful)
    Jamie: Unfortunately, this song was not on all versions of
    Black and Blue. Every one needs to listen to a song like this and
    realize that someone out there will love them even with their flaws.
    And Howie sings lead.Found On: Black & Blue (Imports and Wal-Mart Edition)

    Emily: This song is hard to describe. I think thatís why I
    love it so much. The beat and chorus are infectious. The abruptness in
    the bridge is unexpected but completely perfect for the tone of the
    song.Found On: Unbreakable

    Something That I Already Know

    Jamie: I love how the beginning of this song switches
    between AJ and Brian singing lead. And then the chorus kicks in and we
    get perfect harmonies. I was afraid that without Kevin Iíd always feel
    like the harmonies were missing something but with this song, I forget
    that Kevin is gone. Another one that almost everyone can relate to
    because most of us have been in a situation where the other person in
    the relationship wasnít happy and you were just waiting for the other
    shoe to drop. Sad, but true.Found On: Unbreakable

    Over Her
    Emily: This song had to grow on me, but it just screams old
    school R&B. The lyrics are simple and so is the melody but
    sometimes less is more. I like this song for the visions my imagination
    creates. Sue me.Found On: N/A (Never Gone Unreleased Track)

    I Want It That Way
    Jamie: For a looong time, I didnít get this song. Iím not
    sure that I completely get it even now but that doesnít take away from
    the greatness of it. Years ago, it was the #10 Pop song of all-time per
    MTV. Iím not sure that would hold true today but this song was huge for
    them back in the day. Okay so maybe itís on here for sentimental
    reasons. Tell me why!Found On: Millennium

    Unsuspecting Sunday Afternoon
    Emily: I love the lyrics to this song. I love the fact that
    they co-wrote it. I love the emotion and I love the very last note of
    the song. Love is in the air for such a melancholy song.Found On: Unbreakable

    Trouble Is
    Jamie: When I heard this was a cover of a country song, I
    immediately dismissed it as a disaster. But, I couldnít have been more
    wrong. It is my favorite song on Unbreakable, hands down. I love how it
    starts out with Howie singing so softly. I donít think his voice has
    ever sounded better. It slowly builds up and then breaks into the
    forceful yet beautiful chorus. This song really is the best example of
    why I like these guys. Everything about this song is love. I could
    listen to it on repeat (and have been known to do just that).Found On: Unbreakable

    Shape Of My Heart
    Emily: When I first heard this song, I had no idea what the
    expression meant but boy did I love this song. I canít put my finger on
    it, but I love it. You should love it too.Found On: Black & Blue

    Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely

    Jamie: Iím not sure words can convey how much I adore this
    song. It is easily my favorite song on Millennium. Itís one of the very
    few songs that you can actually feel the pain through the lyrics and
    the melody. I think the emotion is conveyed unbelievably well and it
    couldnít be more real. If I had to pick a favorite part, itís where
    Kevin sings the verse. His voice is a perfect fit for the mood of the
    song. I wish the writer of the song was still around but itís obvious
    he was going through a very dark period when he wrote this song.Found On: Millennium

    Emily: This song is so simple and simple is good. It is supported by simple chords and they use bubbles when they perform it live.Found On: Never Gone

    Climbing the Walls

    Jamie: From the moment I heard it, I knew it was going to
    be a favorite of mine. If I had to pick a favorite, Brianís voice is
    it. To hear him on the song just gives me chills. His voice has an edge
    to it and it fits in perfectly with the tone. But then later on,
    thereís a mixture of Howie and AJís voice that is just pure gold. Not
    sure Iíve ever heard just their voices together. Now Iím wondering why
    not?Found On: Never Gone

    Song For The Unloved
    Emily: This is an anthem waiting to happen. You donít find many songs like this. A united front is inspiring, especially today.Found On: Never Gone (Europe Version)

    Get Another Boyfriend
    Jamie: When I first got my copy of Black and Blue (and ran
    to my car to listen to it in the parking lot) and heard this song, I
    thought I had a defective CD because of the intro. This is easily my
    favorite up-tempo song theyíve ever done. Iím glad they decided AJís
    voice was the best fit to sing lead on this at the beginning because
    his voice is just raspy and edgy enough to pull this off. The lead-in
    to the chorus is just brilliant. The ďWhyísĒ and other stuff going on
    around 1:50 are strange but clever. However, I do realize how much I
    miss the ďGood GodĒs from the live version. AJ always seems to add his
    own touch. If you really want something different, check out the Sleepy
    Hollow Remix. Love it.Found On: Black & Blue

    Love Is
    Emily: The sensual guitar riff and Brianís silky voice
    entices the listener. Super cheesy but this is totally a Ďput this song
    on repeat while we make love all nightí song.Found On: N/A (Never Gone Unreleased track)

    Jamie: A fan anthem. Perhaps this one is on here for
    sentimental reasons but I think itís the best of the two fan anthems
    they have (the other being Larger than Life). This song
    epitomizes everything it really means to be a BSB fan. The best moment
    of the song is the circus music after the line ďWeíve been inside the
    circusĒ. Yeah, the circus analogy has been done before. Britney, eat
    your heart out.Found On: Black & Blue

    If You Stay
    Emily: Harmonies. Done.Found On: Booty Call Soundtrack.

    10,000 Promises
    Jamie: The harmonies in the chorus? Flawless. The song?
    Easily relatable by many, sadly. A haunting tale of a love gone wrong Ė
    where one party is the one to blame.Found On: Backstreetís Back

    The Call
    Emily: This was the first song where they donít come off as
    perfection. Itís a nice change of pace and they own it. Iíd listen to
    the Neptuneís Remix for a slightly edgier sound.Found On: Black & Blue

    Back To Your Heart (Live Version)
    Jamie: The reason for the live version: the hidden verse.
    You canít hear it on the album version and that is a tragedy. The
    hidden verse is If you arenít sure what I am
    talking about, find the Burger King: For the Fans CD 1. The only bad
    part is that Nickís voice is a little rough Ė he might have been sick.
    The hidden verse though, makes up for any flaws. I promise! Itís not
    only the lyrics that would make anyone swoon but Brianís delivery of it
    and the rest of the guys singing in the background. Listen for it at
    approximately 3:40. Nice job Mr. Richardson!Found On: Burger King: For the Fans CD 1 (Non-Live Version is found on Millennium)

    Emily: The analogies and metaphors used are enough to get
    any heart swelling. They are backed up by perfect harmonies and
    sincerity. You want to believe theyíre drowning in you.Found On: The Hits: Chapter 1 (Greatest Hits)

    Notes from the Authors

    From Emily
    2009 marks my 14th year as a Backstreet Boys fan. Seems crazy that Iíve
    been listening to them for that long. In a way I feel so much older
    than them even though Iím so much younger. But Iíve watched them grow
    as people and as musicians and when I take a look at them today, I
    still feel a sense of pride knowing that in some distant, distant way,
    Iíve helped shape them into the musicians they are today. Iíve bought
    their music, Iíve attended their concerts, Iíve bought their
    memorabilia. Iíve been there through the great times and the horrible
    times. I know their past and Iíd like to think I know their future.
    I have to commit here and say that Iím a fan until the absolute end.
    I may not like music they put out sometimes (and believe me, there have
    been some very questionable songs), but thereís one thing that will
    always keep me listening. My friends. Their music introduced me to so
    many people, two in particular that I love with my whole heart. One of
    them is co-writing this article. We met in 2000 over these five (well,
    four now) studs and for that, I am attached. Completely.
    From Jamie
    It really is quite amazing how long this music has been in my life. In
    fact, at this point, I canít imagine my life without it. Of course,
    this isnít because their music is always fantastic but because Iíve
    grown up with the music and them. I went from being a fanatical,
    obsessive, crazy teenie to someone who follows what they do to see how
    they change and grow. Iím the first to admit when a song of theirs is
    terrible. Their music is just not something I can give up nor do I want
    to. In some weird way, listening to their music makes me feel younger
    because it reminds me of a time when my life was so very different.
    Iíve met some of my favorite people through our mutual appreciation of
    their music. Basically, their music changed my life and if I gave up on
    them, I would feel like Iím biting the hand that fed me, so to speak.
    For better or for worse, Iím a fan. Always.


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