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    [Article] "Straight Through My Heart" Review Empty [Article] "Straight Through My Heart" Review

    Post by Gianna S. on Mon 27 Jul 2009, 6:50 pm


    [Article] "Straight Through My Heart" Review Bsb11

    The problem with boy bands is they grow up. They get bigger,
    hairier, they get married and have kids. But those life experiences
    should be enough for them to be able to sing about something more than
    wanting to fly high in the sky, and feeling love that is sent from —
    yup, you guessed it — above.
    While time forces these boy bands to grow up, the bands themselves sadly don’t find any reason to let their music do so.
    A new song from the Backstreet Boys just hit the internet. The song, titled “Straight Through My Heart,”
    sounds like a mix of every other boy band song ever written with its
    cliches about love and attraction. The only slight save is the super
    danceable beat. So dance until you can’t hear the lyrics anymore, and
    you’ll really enjoy this one.

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